Longing for Currywurst

McCurry talks about currywurst in his Vatertag experience, but a mere mention doesn’t do it justice. I think about every American soldier I knew in Berlin loved to hit the corner kiosk for some currywurst as soon as they left the base. Apparently it hasn’t lost its appeal in Germany as there now is a currywurst museum. According to a Web site devoted to sausage:

ImageCurrywurst is the best selling sausage in Germany. Currywurst sausage is to Germans what Hotdog is to Americans. In New York hotdogs are sold with ketchup, mustard or sauerkraut on every street corner, in Berlin currywurst is served with “curry ketchup.” Currywurst is all about the sauce and not the sausage. Currywurst sausage is defined not by the ingredients which are inside of the sausage, but by the addition of curry ketchup during serving. This means that one can choose bratwuurst, bockwurst or any sausage like Polish smoked sausage, and as long as it is served with “curry flavored ketchup” it qualifies to be called Currywurst. As they are different types of curry and different types of the sauce produced, considerable variations occur between sausages. Currywurst is consumed everywhere: in Berlin, Hamburg and the industrial Ruhr Area, it is sold by street cart vendors, small restaurants or served at home. Ready to use curry ketchups and sauces are sold in supermarkets. Currywurst is usually served with a roll, bread or french fries. The simplest way to make currywurst sauce is to mix curry powder with tomato ketchup according to your own liking. Then sauce is poured over grilled sausage, which is usually sliced into smaller pieces.

Personally I like mine with an Indian curry sauce and french fries.


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