Language of the ASA Spooks

When McCurry’s War was published, I worried about the reaction of friends and family to the liberal use of strong language. When someone said they were about to read it, I said jokingly that they should remember that it is rated “R” for language. Surprisingly, among all the great reviews I received, no one mentioned language – except for a friend of mine who worked asthe Society Editor at the Sentinel-Ledger when I was the editor. When she was only partway through, she wrote, “that is a lot of foul language for an older lady.” In the end, though, I think she got it and said she really enjoyed reading the book.

Another friend of mine who read McCurry’s War only said that she really enjoyed it. She sent a copy on to a cousin and, from the cousin’s response, must have said she was surprised over the language since she had never heard me speak that way. I particularly liked the response of the cousin – which she forwarded on to me – who is a Vietnam veteran:

Chuck knows when it is appropriate to utilize foul language.  What he wrote in this book was the language spoken among military men, in both their work environment and while off duty. Chuck has never used vulgar language in front of you because he realizes to do such would not be polite, as well as it would demonstrate poor breeding.  Thus, Chuck by not swearing in your presence has illustrated that he is NOT uncouth, as well as ABLE to conduct himself as a gentleman.  In certain situations or circumstances foul language must be employed to present written or oral subject matter, as it would be done in real life situations and circumstances.

I am most pleased that I was in your thoughts when you purchased the second copy of McCurry’s War for me to read. In no shape or form was I offended by Chuck not having to serve in Vietnam. I only wished I was better informed about the Marine Corps’ MOS’s when I joined the USMC.  In my naive and unaware mind, I only knew that I was going to be drafted into military service; my thought was when I joined the Marines “if I am going to be subjected to serving in Vietnam, I want to be trained by the BEST military branch the United States of America has for equipping its Warriors with the best set of knowledge, skills, and ability.”


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