Fate of Teufelsberg Still Under Consideration

Only a German bureaucrat could have contrive this:

The District Office will be asked to convene a regular meeting round table Teufelsberg. Thus, the various interest groups (owner, Senate, tenants, eco work, action Alliance Teufelsberg, federal, Allied Museum, Anwohner/innen, Historiker/innen, Denkmalpfleger/innen) are to be included.

The aim of the Roundtable is to find a long-term solution for the Teufelsberg area, taking into account the two main interests:

1. the teaching of the historical importance of the site – from the “Defense Department” TH Berlin via the “residual debris storage place” of second world war debris to the listening station of the American and British allies in the cold war era and the developments after the fall of the wall

2. the restoration (conservation, protection of the fauna), use as a recreation area

It is among other things to check out
-if it is possible to reconcile the two major interests
-whether and how a repurchase of pages of the Senate is possible (for the purpose of planning authority)
-how affordable solutions can be developed for the present owner / tenant
-extent to which food is possible
-like a Memorial, taking into account the preservation as possible many of the existing buildings can be permanently secured

BVV is to report to the 31.08.2013.

Reason for change:
On the 30.4.2013, a panel discussion on the future of the Teufelsberg took place in the eco plant on the Teufelssee (Devil’s Lake), with broad public participation. There, the request was formulated after a round table as a consensus. The question of who can regularly convened the Roundtable remained open. Here, the District Council can fulfill the General wish together with the various stakeholders to find sustainable solutions and to support this, as far as possible,


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