Welcome to McCurry’s World

When my novel, McCurry’s War, was published, a marketing rep for the publisher suggested I write a blog to help promote the book. I couldn’t imagine how I would keep a blog going about Mike McCurry and his exploits in McCurry’s War. And then it lit up – you know, that light bulb over my head that has been growing dimmer over the years – and illuminated a host of subjects that could be associated with McCurry’s world without being in the story I wrote. Thus the title of my blog, “McCurry’s World.”

I hope to be able to take you behind the scenes of Cold War-era Berlin, a city that was recognized as having a greater concentration of spies that any other city in the world. Give you a feel of what it was like to live in a city divided up and ruled by three super powers: The United States, United Kingdom, France and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. Shine a light on the Army Security Service, which was comprised of Army personnel but under the direct supervision of the National Security Agency.

I’ve told my story over the years from the vantage point of a German voice intercept operator. I spent my days and nights there listening to conversations among the leaders of East Germany in the East German Central Committee. I belong to a Yahoo group of “old-timers” who served in Berlin from the end of World War II through the end of the end of the Vietnam era. A number of these veterans served in other surveillance specialties and  I hope to share their experiences as well.

A friend of mine who served with me in Berlin wrote in a review of McCurry’s War, “I gave the book to my wife, and then to my brother, explaining that it would help them understand some of the stories that I had been telling them all these years.” Yeah, Gene, it’s nice for them to find out that we weren’t all raging lunatics all these years.

So, I hope to see you often when we return to the top of Teufelsberg.


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